Title Insurance

Title insurance is now used in most home purchases, and provides important legal protection and peace of mind.  It provides assurance that you are obtaining 'clear title" upon closing and provides protection should any property disputes or mortgage fraud arise in the future.

For example, Title insurance can provide coverage for work orders which might arise if the previous owners had failed to obtain or close off work permits. Title insurance can also cover a purchaser for issues such as unknown encroachments or easements, or access problems that an up to date survey might have revealed.

Identity theft and mortgage fraud are an increasing problem with electronic banking.  Should you fall victim, Title Insurance covers all legal costs required to restore clear title to the rightful owner. I believe that this feature alone, makes Title Insurance indispensable.   

When Title insurance is purchased, your closing costs are actually LOWER as the requirement for many “off-title” searches is eliminated.  Also, transactions can be closed much sooner as there is no need for time consuming "off title" searches.  

In addition, the need for an up to date survey is eliminated (at a cost of $1,500 to $2,000)  At a cost of about $300., Title Insurance is a onetime expense which provides coverage to the purchaser for the length of time that they own the property.

Title insurance will not cover every issue, but will protect against most issues that may lead to financial loss and/or devaluing of the property.

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