You NEED A Buyer Representative!

The role of the Realtor has changed greatly over the past several years. Prior to 1995, ALL Realtors worked for the Seller in a Real Estate transaction.  Now, most Buyers have a Buyer Agent.

Why Do You Need A Buyer Agent?
  • Simply put -  if a Realtor isn’t working for you as a Buyer’s Agent, then he or she is  working for the Seller. Do you really want to trust the SELLER’s Agent to negotiate in your best interests, on the largest purchase of your life?
  • Your Buyer Agent will refine your search, help you establish value, organize your viewings and save you a LOT of time and frustration.   And that’s just the beginning.  Once you find a house you love, your agent will prepare your Offer to reflect and protect your interests, negotiate on your behalf and skillfully guide you step by step through the financing, home inspection, waivers, lawyers, insurance, moving arrangements etc.  etc etc! ... 
  • Oh – and here’s the best part .... it doesn’t cost you a thing.


Realtors know your rights … do you?

You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say while un-represented could be used against you during negotiations.

You have the right to be REPRESENTED.
If you choose NOT to be represented, then all Realtors will work on behalf of the Seller during negotiations.
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